About our Products

Local Olive Oil History

For several years, the cultivation of olive trees is an important activity in Corfu country, as Corfu consists of many different cultures. Thus, the olive production became widely known under the Venetian rule, where Corfu experienced substantial economic and commercial growth.

The Venetians ordered and financed the planting of olive trees, which contributed to the development of the olive cultivation. They strengthened the olive production and the oil trade, resulting in occupation of Corfiots, which continues until today. Someone could see at once the natural Corfu beauty with the groves, which number more than four million trees.

Stamatelou family continues this long tradition in producing virgin and extra virgin oil.

Olive Oil Categories

Virgin Olive Oils: olive oil is obtained from the olive trees only, using solely mechanical or other physical means, which do not alter the oil in any way and without the use of chemicals standards, other than washing, decantation, centrifugation and filtration.

Stamatelou family has available for consumption the following Olive Oils:

Α) Extra Virgin Olive Oil: extra virgin is the highest grade of olive oil. It is totally flavor and with excellent taste and made mechanically from the first pressing of healthy olives without the use of chemicals. This is a virgin olive oil whose acidity does not exceed 0,8%. It has a strong fruity flavor and aroma of freshly cut olives. It’s unique taste combine with salads, roast and vegetables.

Β) Virgin Olive Oil: olive oil with pleasant flavor and taste which made by mechanical methods without the use of chemicals. It’s acidity does not exceed 0,2%. and it does not contain refined olive oils.



Stamatelou family except from the high quality olive oil produces other products, such as several types of olives, spices and cosmetics. The main substantial is olive oil.

Our products come from two varieties of olive: Corfu Lianolia and Koroneiki.

Corfu Lianolia: Olive tree cultivated mainly in western Greece and Ionian islands for the production of good quality olive oil. This variety of olive trees in conjunction with the special climate of Corfu produces high quality olive oil.

Koroneiki: olive tree grown for centuries in the area of Koroni in Peloponnese. It has no special soil requirements. It’s quality, special taste and aroma differs from the other varieties of olive oils.


The Venetians ordered and financed the planting of olive trees, which contributed to the development of the olive cultivation.



Our several types of olives are characterized by their great variety, special taste and excellent aroma. Different flavors for all tastes.


Olive oil is not only useful for our nutrition and good condition of our health, but it is the ultimate natural beauty secret. For this reason, we decided to produce cosmetics with main substantial olive oil and without containing chemicals. The miraculous properties of olive oil offer daily deep hydration to our skin.


Spices offer special aromas and enrich the taste of food. Our spices are pure and keep the flavor and the freshness. Meet the beneficial properties of our products in your organism.